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"Blanche " CCRD 23-10-12

"Blanche "CCRD 23-10-12

' la galerie l'impression '

' la galerie l'impression Presents Luce Daniels,sculpture and paintings 

And Roger de coster Paintings 

Jazz a leffe 2011

 Gwilym Simcock (p) Yuri Goloubev(b)James Maddren (dm) 08-10-11

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This is my story

I was born in Dinant, Belgium on april the first 1955.
After some years of general education I turned to a more artistic one : drawing, Dinanderies ( copper  brazier ) and finally towards photography.
I followed the theoretic lessons in Brussels which I combined with an apprentice contract with a wellknown photographer in Dinant, Charles Conreur. During a period of 5 years he taught me everything I needed in the ancient way : development in white and black and in colours, how to make good shots etc.

When I had tot fulfill my military service I made a choice : I signed up for 24 months as a photographer… I finally staid 36 years, ending my carreer at the press department of the ministry of defence. It was a fantastic job with  lots of missions abroad, mainly in Africa – namely in Congo, in Benin, Rwanda, and South-Africa amongst others – but also in China, in Afghanistan and  in Lebanon… This permitted me to discover fantastic places and to come back with unique photos.

My actual ‘retirement’ allows me to apply me even more to my photografic passion : theatre, shows and jazz concerts (jazz à Leffe) mainly in Dinant, my native town which enchants me even more each day.

This is why I have decided to invite you to share my passion through my internet site, which will be updated regularly. I hope you will enjoy browsing….

Kind regards
Philippe Dehuit